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JABHASE Auto Coater is designed, where tablet/pills/candies are coated well automatically with best preparation fluids i.e. sugar/solution/color.

Any uncoated items shall be coated through the orbital motion of closed rotating hexagonal drum/pan under the action of streamline of baffles. The hot filtered air supplied under negative pressure during movement of tablets in drum/pan as well as an automatic spray of solution/sugar/color. The hot air infiltrates through layers of solutions sprayed & coated in a tablet through the automatic spray. The surface of the tablet cores will dry quickly & evenly and convert into solid as a film. All parameter of the process feeds and control through PLC.


The general description of Auto Coater consists of the followings

Perforated Drum
Where movement & recirculation of tablet perform properly in the spray zone. The speed of movement controls through AC Drive. All product content parts are made from AISI 316L stainless steel & electropolish. The non-content portions of the cabinet are clad with AISI 304 stainless steel.
Baffles ensure gentle handling of delicate tablet cores for effectively & optimizing mixing even at low speed. Baffles assure optimal tablet movement with the best dwell time in the spray zone.

Double-walled cabinet seals in the drum for providing maximum thermo-acoustic efficiency. Air guiding assembly helps to condition the flow of drying air only through the whole tablet bed to maximize the evaporation of water / solvent, irrespective of tablet size & quantity. All portion of the cabinet is easily accessible for cleaning and validation. The rift -free interior maximizes the position of dust / dried material.

Spray System
The characteristics & uses of coating fluids continue to evolve. Finest and uniform droplet size over a wide range of spray parameters and fluid properties help proper spraying. Minimum loss due to spray drying with standard deliveries. Higher fluid delivery at lower air consumption. Negligible gun choking with nozzle clean-out and anti-bearing construction. The spraying angle can be adjusted with the device within the spray gun, an Easy adjustment device for leveling the cabinet.

Coating Suspension Preparation
The “consistent tablet coating” requires best uniform mixing and homogeneity of fluids during the preparation of coating suspension. The preparation system ranges from conventional open impeller mounted in a vessel with optional jackets to advance processing solutions. Instantly disperse gums, pigments & polymers .And helps to eliminate lump & increase stability of color tablet shelf life.
Coating Suspension deliveries.
The release of Coating suspension did through multi-head & multi-drive (MHMD) peristaltic pump. MHMD system ameliorates nozzle-choking and provides a capability to stop and/or start each nozzle separately. Peristaltic pump fitted with cabinet itself to avoid floor space occupation.

Inlet Air Handling Unit (AHU).
JABHASE AHU creates inlet hot air up to final HEPA (0.3 microns) in conformity with cGMP guidelines. The desired values of Inlet Air temperature and Humidity under varied climatic conditions i.e extend beyond the immediate goals of merely meeting set parameters. With an eye on Energy Efficiency, the Heating, Cooling and/or dehumidification operations are always accomplished with exchangers who maximize energy Transfer while being robustly made to continually work with frugal energy consumption.

Exhaust Air Treatment (AHU).
The treatment of exhaust air ranges from high-efficiency wet scrubbing systems to dry air filtration systems. In the case of stringent emission standards, the exhaust air can be filtered through HEPA air filter.

The situations where the coating of potent dosage forms at low occupational exposure levels are involved the air filtration systems which can be provided with full Safe-Change capability.

Control through PLC (Brain).
The job of managing the coating parameter shall be done by selecting logics operation of PLC’s & HMI in the following manner. (a) Recipe/menu driven system, (b) Good regulation of key process variables, (c) Batch parameter data logging, (d) Alarms & Interlocks to ensure correct operating procedure and Diagnostics.







Drum Diameter

24’’ (Inch)

36’’ (Inch)

48’’ (Inch)

60’’( Inch)

Batch capacity  (Kgs.)
Depending upon the size,shape,density  of Tablets

10-15 (Kgs)

50-75 (Kgs)

120-150 (Kgs)

300-350 (Kgs)


Key Person : Mr. D B AGASTI

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